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Friday, February 02, 2007
  Running Novell ConsoleOne as Non-admin
So, the other day, I ran into some issues running ConsoleOne under my standard user account. It didn't really surprise me, as ConsoleOne seems like a pretty prematurely released tool, however, it is the latest tool that Novell has provided to work with their products, so it's kind of a necessity. Actually, IIRC, the issues I had were specifically related to the snap-ins for Zenworks for Desktop Management version 7, not ConsoleOne by itself.

I was getting some weird behavior from the Zenworks application objects when I'd try to open up the properties on them; In fact, what happened, was that ConsoleOne would lock up entirely. I started by giving the \Users security group modify access to the ConsoleOne folder. This seemed to clear up the issue of ConsoleOne locking up, however I ran into something new; I began receiving a pop-up message when trying to open an Application object, saying that I was using a Zenworks trial version. Since we had not had any such issues in the past, this led me to believe that I had another issue to work through. Luckily, I had noticed earlier on that ConsoleOne took the liberty of creating a file on the root of my harddisk called Without too much thought, I granted permissions to this file as well, to the local Users group. Since then, I believe everything has been working OK.

If you have any questions regarding my quest to run my machine at work as a non-Administrator, please feel free to contact me.
i also have such a similar problem c1 crashes with [] SYBeginCritSec__FUi+0x2a on my linux system as normal user
as root everything is working ok
do you know something that can help me to track down the error.
Sorry buddy, I'm not a Linux user ...
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