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Monday, January 30, 2006
  C# Progress
As you already know, I'm trying to learn c# and develop my own applications for ... various tasks. At the moment I'm just beginning a program that will hopefully assist with retrieving important information about computers to aid in systems management. WMI is a great resource to tap into for systems information and management; there are a ton of WMI classes built into Windows XP and Server 2003 that allow you to obtain almost any bit of information you could want, from the depths of the BIOS all the way up to network performance counters.

At the moment, my program called WMI Reader doesn't exactly do a whole lot, but I began by creating a computer class that will eventually be extended further to contain one computer's complete set of information. There is also a small menu which allows you to add a computer to a TreeView control which will allow you to select which computer you are currently working with. I also want to expand the program to log information about computers to a database and allow the user to work in an "offline" or "cached" mode if they would like to view info about a computer that is not powered on but does exist in the database. Anyway, that's all for now ... we'll see how things turn out in my continued learning experience.
Saturday, January 28, 2006
  Introduction to myself
Hello, my name is Trevor Sullivan. I'm a resident of the great (yet cold) state of Illinois in the US. My life through now has always consisted of anything and everything computer-related. I've fallen completely in love with computers and technology, and no matter what subject you name about computers, be it network administration, programming using simple scripts, web applications, or even gaming, I always want to know more and learn more about it. Despite the large amount of knowledge available regarding computers, I strive to learn everything I can get my hands on. I'm currently mostly a Windows user, although I do have a server running FreeBSD 5. My current job is in IT, and I assist end-users with computer hard/software issues, and pretty much manage about 200 desktop computers in a Microsoft Active Directory domain. Despite my love for administering large numbers of workstations and helping out with Windows 2003 servers, I also very much enjoy programming. I've taken a big interest into scripting to make reconfiguring the desktop computers easier, faster, and more consistent, and most recently, I've been doing my best to learn C# and the .NET 2.0 Framework so I can develop both my own web applications, windows forms applications, and hopefully some basic games once I start looking at the DirectX API. Programming has always catptured my interest, and the ability for one to create his/her own applications to perform whatever task they need or want is quite powerful. Anyway, I must be going now, but hopefully I will continue to keep this blog updated with my experiences with my various skills using computers so that someone else may learn something from my efforts.
My life of learning various things about technology including network administration, development, and 3D design

Location: Chicago, Illinois, United States
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