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Friday, February 02, 2007
  Resolving CRC Errors on Windows XP
Everyone hates errors, right? Yeah, well, I am certainly no exception to that ... so allow me to tell you a short story about some problems I have been having, and how I (finally) resolved them.

To give you a quick overview of the symptoms of my problem, I've been having an ongoing problem trying to install GTA: San Andreas on my gaming PC. I would always get a CRC error at the same spot every time; Needless to say, this was quite aggravating. I had all sorts of ideas flying through my head, including hardware problems (my friend was convinced it was my ECS KN1 Extreme motherboard ... it wasn't).

After trying re-installing the nForce 4 Ultra platform drivers (thinking the software interface between the DVD-RW and mobo was faulty), stopping every single background service I could, removing all un-used devices from Device Manager (search Microsoft support for "devmgr_show_nonpresentdevices"), removing VMware (thinking that it had something to do with VMware's virtual CD interface) , and so on ... it still wasn't working. What the hell??

Well, it finally turns out that the least of my worries, Daemon Tools (v3.47), which has never failed me in the past, and I have relied on for quite some time now, has turned its back on me. After removing DT, rebooting, and installing GTA: SA, everything worked perfectly. So, for anyone out there getting CRC's trying to install GTA: San Andreas ... make sure you aren't running DT!!

On some games -- and I wouldn't be surprised if San Andreas is one of them -- the game will look at your CD drives. If your physical drive is, say, P-ATA, and your virtual drive from Daemon Tools is reported as another type, the game won't work. There are two solutions: first, you can disable the virtual drive in Daemon Tools; second, if you need to use Daemon Tools to run the (perfectly legal backup, of course) copy of the game disc, use Devcon to disable your physical CD drive. Hope this helps!
Very nice suggestion. Thanks Jeff
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