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Tuesday, June 13, 2006
  First Thoughts on Vista
Well, I'm going to make this brief, but I thought I'd post a couple of comments about Windows Vista. I just got it up and running on VMware, and thankfully I didn't have any problems with the installation. The initial installation of Vista is very nice, and while not by any means quick, it's not ridden with dialog boxes until after all the major stuff is finished; I always hated coming back to a Windows XP install and seeing it waiting for some bit of user input. Anyway, the GUI setup is a breeze, and the initial boot up is pretty normal. A balloon popup warns you of out-of-date definition files for Windows Defender, and of missing anti-virus software, a nice background awaits you, and that's about it. The UI layout really hasn't been changed all that much, which comes as somewhat of a disappointment to me, but I guess you can't change too much between each version of Windows without confusing your entire userbase :-| I did happen across one thing which I'd like to post a screenshot of tonight before I actually do go to bed (I'm wondering if that will ever happen right about now). I came across the Performance Monitor application whilst browsing the System32 folder, and I must say I'm rather impressed. The new layout is well-designed, and it certainly provides a better feel for an overall idea of how your system is running. Also, I took a quick look at the blank MMC console, and it seems that they've done a nice job updating the MMC UI as well. For some reason (and I can't figure out why), the text is easier to read, everything looks a bit more organized, and I feel a bit more in control of what's going on. So anyway, with that ... I'll leave you to make your own assumptions about the rest of the o/s. I'm going to bed now :)

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